Why Open Window Online?

Why OWO?

Open Window Online is full time academic program for students and families looking for high quality gifted education for upper elementary students at home. Our program is designed for the whole child; in other words, this is not simply an accelerated academic program, it is much more than that.

Why students love Open Window Online

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  • Students are connected.

    Even though this is an online program, connection is at the heart because humans crave relationships. Open Window Online students are connected in many ways – they are connected with each other, they are connected with their teachers, and they are connected with real-world experts in the fields they are studying. These connections help students feel seen and supported by their peers and teachers.
  • Students are challenged.

    OWO students love to learn. They seek out new information and long to be challenged in their work. At Open Window Online they are challenged; the learning is fun, fast-paced, and geared toward making sure each student has opportunities to be at their individual “growth edge” (the space where you are pushed to go further than what you already knew how to do, but not so advanced that you are lost).
  • Students are empowered.

    At Open Window Online, students are encouraged and supported to “own their own learning.” Students have opportunities to influence many areas of the learning process including how projects are structured and how they want to present the knowledge they gain. They also have opportunities to plan, execute, and reflect on their work in a way that builds executive function skills that are vital to future success.

Why parents love Open Window Online

List of 3 items.

  • Students are connected.

    One concern many parents have with an online education is that their child will feel isolated. Open Window Online parents have a different experience. Through our synchronous daily classes, collaborative project-based learning, intentional teaching of social/emotional skills, and our in-person excursions, OWO students build connections with each other and their teachers. They feel seen and known – something we all want for our children.
  • Students are challenged.

    OWO parents recognize that their child often learns new material quickly, makes connections between seemingly disparate ideas, and is often left waiting while other students catch up. At Open Window Online, they find their child is learning at a pace that matches their ability and the projects challenge them to make connections and pull together ideas and information from multiple disciplines. The learning environment stimulates creativity and capitalizes on their child’s love of learning.
  • Students are supported.

    All students need support as they learn new ideas and try new experiences. At Open Window Online, our small class sizes and the expertise of our teachers means that we are able to provide the support needed for students to experience success. Every student is unique, so support looks different for each individual, but our teachers are able to have more one-on-one time with students allowing them to deeply understand each student’s needs and adjusting the academic content, the learning process, or the end product based upon those needs.
At Open Window Online, we recognize that every student is unique. We would love to talk to you about your child and how our program might work to meet their individual needs. 
Open Window Online provides a challenging academic curriculum blended with nurturing support from teachers that prepares students for long-term success.
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