Program FAQs

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  • Where do OWO students come from?

    Open Window Online students generally live within 3-4 hours of Seattle in various communities in Western Washington.
  • Can we live anywhere and attend Open Window Online?

    While Open Window Online is a primarily virtual program, students also participate in five in-person excursions throughout the year. These excursions are an integral part of the program as students build their community of learners and deepen their learning together in the field. Because these excursions will happen in and around the Puget Sound region, it is advisable that OWO students live within a 3-4 hour drive of Seattle.
  • How are the students grouped in their classes?

    Our program is multi-age, meaning that third, fourth, and fifth graders will be grouped together in their advisory (homeroom) class. Students work together on the big projects. When working on core learning (i.e. math, reading, science, writing, etc.) students are grouped together in ways that allow each student to work to their own fullest potential.
  • Other than tuition, what additional costs can families expect to pay for Open Window Online activities?

    • Families will need to provide their own laptop for their student to participate in the Open Window Online program. You can find the specifications needed for the device on our Technology Specifications page.
    • Families are responsible for transporting their student to and from each of our five excursions throughout the year. However, all costs for the excursions (e.g. admission tickets) are covered by tuition.
  • What are the technology specifications?

    Open Window Online will be using Microsoft Office tools including Microsoft Teams for our online synchronous classes. To enable a seamless experience, each family is required to provide their student with a Windows computer or laptop that meets the specifications listed on our Technology Requirements page.
Open Window Online provides a challenging academic curriculum blended with nurturing support from teachers that prepares students for long-term success.
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