Program Overview

Our Program

The Open Window Online approach comes from years of research and study into effective ways students with high academic potential learn and grow. Combining project-based learning with traditional teaching methods, and using the best tools of distance learning, OWO is an educational experience that allows students to work autonomously and with experienced teachers to guide them.  

Built for Gifted Learners

Open Window Online is intentionally built for gifted learners. While every child is unique, students identified as gifted have many of the same needs and our program is geared toward meeting them.  
Project-Based Learning  
We know that gifted students are able to make connections between many disparate ideas and content. Knowing that our program focuses on integrated, cross-discipline projects that bring students together with authentic, engaging, and complex questions, problems, or challenges. These projects are more than students building a diorama or website to showcase their learning at the end of a unit. Rather, OWO projects require students to learn content across several disciplines (math, science, social studies, writing, etc.), actively practice collaboration skills, and develop critical thinking and problem solving to successfully complete their work. As students finish each project, they develop their communication skills as they present their work and findings for an authentic audience of teachers, business leaders, scientists, and others.  

We also know that students identified as gifted enjoy being able to spend time and energy exploring their passions and interests. Our focus on project-based learning is an opportunity for students to dive deeply into ideas and topics that matter to them. Whether it is sharks or space, ballet or computer programming, students don’t have to always wait for school to be over before they can explore their personal passions. 
Instruction in Core Subjects 

Open Window Online offers instruction in the core subjects of reading, writing, speaking, math, science, social studies, and social-emotional learning. Much of the learning students do in these areas is embedded in integrated projects as part of project-based learning. However, we also offer instruction in core subject areas separate from the projects.  

In general, our instruction in core subjects is accelerated by one year. However, as a program designed to meet the needs of gifted students, we differentiate our instruction to respond to the students in class. Our low student to teacher ratio allows us to work with each student where they are and help them continue to grow.


A unique aspect of the Open Window Online program is our excursions. As we work to build a community of learners, we will meet together in person five times during the school year. More than a field trip, each excursion will have a dual focus on building a strong community and deepening the learning about the current project.  

Built for Online Learning

Open Window Online students do real work that matters. The program is structured around student collaboration as they learn and work together. The reality for many adults in the workplace is real-time collaboration via videoconferencing and at OWO, our students work together in the same way. We believe that how students learn is just as important as what students learn, so our program is specifically designed to teach students how to collaborate in many different types of situations: from a large class meeting of twelve to small groups to partnerships. Students are not expected to innately know how to work through issues with each other – we spend time teaching them those tools along with the content. 

Another benefit of online learning is that our teachers are able to differentiate to a greater extent than is possible in a normal classroom. But simply giving students more challenging work is not enough; when students are working on individual mastery of certain topics and concepts, they will have multiple opportunities to meet one-on-one and in small groups with teachers. 
Open Window Online provides a challenging academic curriculum blended with nurturing support from teachers that prepares students for long-term success.
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