Parent Involvement

Our commitment in educating your child is also to support you.

Supporting Parents

As a parent of an OWO student, you also become a member of our parent organization, Open Window School. Through a series of events and opportunities, we help you connect with others and grow and learn as a parent.

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  • Parent Education

    OWS and OWO regularly host speakers and authors to inform parents about issues facing families today. Information about the opportunities will be part of regular communication to OWO parents. Past speakers include Aidan Key, an author and educator on gender diversity in youth, and acclaimed author Ijeoma Oluo, who writes about racial diversity and equity.
  • Excursion Sessions

    At our Excursions, while the students are exploring with their class, parents will have the option of attending educational workshops just for them. Topics might include how to motivate your child, understanding project-based learning, or creating a learning environment at home.
  • Parent Guardian Association (PGA) of Open Window School

    The PGA sponsors education, community service and community building opportunities for all Open Window families. As an OWO parent, you are welcome at these events and to support the school.
  • “OWO OnLiner”

    Regular news from OWO Director Cary Kirby will keep parents up to date about upcoming events, news and information about online education and exceptional learners, as well as get a peek into the online classroom.
  • My Open Window Online

    Every parent will have access to a password protected portal through the website which connects them to important information and resources.
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