Open Window Online is a high-quality, high-challenge, high-support program for gifted third, fourth, and fifth graders. Our students experience a full academic program that combines challenging content, project-based learning, intentional collaboration, and social/emotional learning. Open Window Online is the comprehensive online learning experience you have been looking for.

A day in the life of an Open Window Online student

Open Window Online is not like most online schools. Our students join each other online in live, synchronous learning on a daily basis following a regular schedule. Each day, students experience…

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  • Student sitting at a desk at home in an online class.

    Morning Meeting

    OWO students begin each day with a Morning Meeting to plan for the day ahead, and most of all, have some fun together. Being known by peers and having opportunities to enjoy each other means more success in collaborations and learning the rest of the day.
  • Student working on a project using a computer.

    Project Learning

    Each day, students have a dedicated time to work collaboratively on their “Big Project" which allows students to make connections between math, reading, science, social studies, art, culture, and more.
  • Student on a zoom call with teacher.

    Core Learning

    During daily Core Learning time, students work in the areas of math, reading, writing, social studies, and science. Small classes mean that students can work at their current level with support from a teacher, and also be challenged to learn more.

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  • Students are at the aquarium.

    Preparing for Field Research

    Our curriculum is built for both Project Learning and Core Learning, so our four in-person excursions each year allow for field research that directly relates to what is learned in class.
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    Social & Emotional Learning

    OWO students also spend time dedicated to developing self-awareness, emotional regulation, collaboration skills, healthy boundaries, and leadership skills, for both in-person and online spaces.
  • Students working on a projects together outdoors.

    A Community of Gifted Learners

    Our Community Time allows students to feel connected, and many have found a place where they belong at OWO.

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Open Window Online provides a challenging academic curriculum blended with nurturing support from teachers that prepares students for long-term success.
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